About American Soy Organics

A Passion for Candlemaking

American Soy Organics’ wax beads are inspired by Eric and Janet Sparrow’s passion for the craft and are the foundation of better candlemaking. American Soy Organics brings focus to the needs of the candlemaker by producing a cleaner-burning alternative to the standard paraffin waxes of old and has led a new era of cleaner burning soy-based candle waxes.

Our Products

American Soy Organics supplies wax beads for candlemakers from candlemakers. Our products are high-quality, consistent, and provide the best materials for better candlemaking. We believe in treating our staff, communities, and customers with respect by operating a good workplace that produces an excellent product at a fair price.

Paving the Path

Before founding American Soy Organics, Eric and Janet grew a love for candle making. Through years of experience and thousands of hours of development, they built the Milkhouse Candle brand—one of the most successful soy candles on the market. Since 2002, they’ve been paving the path for candlemakers everywhere to have a better candlemaking experience with their natural, high-quality wax beads.