American Soy Organics Featured in Iowa Soybean Review

American Soy Organics is excited to be the cover story in the May issue of Iowa Soybean Review. In the article “Soy Glow,” Eric Sparrow shares the how and why of ASO’s founding. As a candlemaker himself, Eric explains that soybeans grown in the Midwest are perfect for better candlemaking since they have a higher oil content than other soybeans. Eric also talks about why American Soy Organics wax stands apart from other candle wax makers.

“While most other wax producers are making wax as a small piece of something else (food or petroleum production), American Soy Organics is focused on only one thing: creating a candle wax that works perfectly and easily very time,” says Eric.

You can read the full article here.

Happy candlemaking!

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